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Forest Rain Attar

"Forest Rain," is a captivating fragrance that begins with a burst of zesty lemon,  delicate lilac notes, and earthy first rain; reminiscent of a refreshing forest rain. As it unfolds, the scent transforms into a woody, grounding embrace, with amber, vanilla, musk, and cedarwood, evoking the serene ambiance of a tranquil forest walk. "Forest Rain" is a fragrant journey through the lush greenery, where nature's freshness and the earthy depth of the woods harmonize, leaving you with a sense of serene connection to the great outdoors.

Top Note: Petrichor, Lemon, Lilac
Heart Note: Amber, Vanilla
Base Note: Musk, Cedarwood
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forest rain attar with mitti & cedarwood
Forest Rain Attar Sale priceRs. 1,190.00