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The Occasion Series

Scent reaches us in ways that elude sight and sound but conjure imagination in all its sensuality unsealing hidden worlds. The perfumes we wear can heighten our personality, brighten it up, even create an authoritative persona. One can change moods based on them, lively or charming or sexy and seductive or calming and relaxing.

These perfumes are based on the magnificence of aromatherapy and how the different notes affect our moods. They focus on the idea of aligning with the event while enhancing their meaning and the wearer's experience.

It consists of 5 unique fragrances, each in 8ml quantities, crafted for different occasions like Work, Parties, Travel, Intimate Evening, All day Wear.

1. Work Wear - This non-overwhelming fragrance focuses on being authoritative while building trust, with notes of musk, sandalwood & amber.

2. Travel Wear - Carry it along in your bag and refresh your mood with notes of lemon, lavender & rose that work as a bright light that can liven up any person.

3. Party Wear - This warm and long-lasting perfume is both vibrant and heady. The rich notes of leather and oudh will keep your spirits high and the lively notes of bergamot will make you shine and sparkle.

4. Intimate Evening wear - This is a novel blend of musk & lime to let your imagination carry you to a place of opulence and seduction. Add to that the sensuous notes of patchouli and musk give you enchanting memories forever.

5. All Day Wear - Giving you a warm & safe feeling with amber, softness & freshness of orange & sweet caramelly notes of vanilla this perfume helps create an atmosphere of calm and laughter

Perfumes in the pack cannot be sold individually. All rates are inclusive of taxes.

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perfume for different occasions - work wear, party wear, travel wear, date wear, all day wear
The Occasion Series Sale priceRs. 1,500.00