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First Rain - Summer 24 Perfume Minis

Introducing "First Rain-Summer 24," a limited edition fragrance that captures the essence of the first rain in a uniquely wearable and soulful experience inspired from the rains. This clean, fresh, and earthy scent envelops you in the embrace of petrichor, amber, and cedarwood, invoking the unmistakable aroma of rain-kissed earth. Crafted through the traditional deg & bhapka method, it delicately captures the essence of mitti (wet earth), creating a beautifully soft and evocative fragrance that lingers with you for 4-5 hours. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the first rain and let "First Rain" transport you to a world of serene and soulful simplicity.

Summer 24
Limited Edition
Petrichor, Amber, Cedarwood


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First Rain - Summer 23 Perfume Minis,mini travel pack,amber,cedarwood
First Rain - Summer 24 Perfume Minis Sale priceRs. 800.00