Woman Carries On Family’s 160-YO Legacy Of Making Perfumes, From India to France

Lucknow-based Vidushi Vijayvergiya launched Isak Fragrances to continue her family’s business of making and selling perfumes. These fragrances are artisanal, and aim to popularise the forgotten trend of Indian perfumery.

Isak has two collections — the Signature Collection, and the Royals of Awadh Collection. These include scents of lavender, patchouli, sandalwood, musk, rose, jasmine, saffron, lemon, clove, nutmeg, ambrette seeds, oudh, and agarwood, to name a few. Isak also offers a DIY kit to personalise the perfumery experience.

ISAK in The better India


Wanted trial pack…

Manju Kawar February 12, 2022

I inspiring when I see you in shark tank..osam presentation.. I pray for your long business…
Thanks a lot…..

Indrajit Sinha February 10, 2022

wanted trial pack

siddaiah tulasi January 27, 2022

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