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The Emotion Series

Fragrances have that instantaneous and invisible power to penetrate consciousness with pure pleasure and deep memory. It has always provided a direct path to the soul and anyone who becomes immersed in it will be pleasurably changed by the experience.

These perfumes are based on the magnificence of aromatherapy and how the different notes affect our moods. They focus on the idea of enhancing their meaning and the wearer's experience.

The series is a collective of 5 emotions based perfumes, each in 8ml quantity: Gratitude, Bliss, Purity, Contentment, Faith

1. Purity - Peace of heart is a natural outcome of purity of heart. Pure and rare sweet saffron notes with the luxe and deep notes of Oudh represent this emotion here.

2. Gratitude - We represent the quality of being thankful and the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness with jasmine, Juniper, and apple.

3. Bliss - Out of bliss comes magic, wonderment & creativity. You will be surprised by the refreshing effects of bergamot & lavender along with patchouli + rosemary.

4. Faith - The perfume ‘Faith’ takes you to the meditative and calm environment of a place of worship. With pure, gentle & sacred notes on sandalwood.

5. Contentment - With the wonderful effects of rose that brings any moment come alive. Blended with vetiver, that helps in keeping you cool and amber with its sweet warm notes.

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Emotion Series, Isak perfumery, perfect for gifting
The Emotion Series Sale priceRs. 1,500.00