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We got love. And it feels good.

Over the years, we've nurtured a vibrant community of fragrance lovers who revel in ISAK. Now, we're spreading the love and inviting you to become part of the ISAK Tribe.


Reviewed Crimson oudh Perfume

Loved it

Generally not a fan of Agarwood. But this is exceptionally well balanced. The longetivity is phenomenal.


Recommends Forest rain


Reviewed Isak

I just got a gift from a group of friends who ordered from Isak. The message attached to it was so overwhelming due to one thing in addition to words, it was handwritten and so much personalized. Thanks for the exquisite experience.

Would like to thank you and to the person who wrote it on behalf of my friends.


Reviewed First Rain


Recommends Isak

I saw your page on Instagram as an ad.
And realised I have one of your perfume oils and I have been using it religiously for that past I think 3 to 4 months.
And I love your product and prefer this over chemicals filled high end perfume.



Reviewed Isak

She reminds me of Priyanka Chopra's character in Dil Dhadakne Do.



Recommends Isak

I wanted to drop a quick note to say a massive thank you for the exceptional product I received from you. It's absolutely fantastic and I'm so impressed. Keep up the phenomenal work!


Sohil B.

Recommends Isak

Absolutely loved this!! Perfect for

Absolutely loved this!! Perfect for gifting as well


Recommends Fresh waves


Recommends 5th & Always.

 I just used 5th & always perfume and I totally loved it, its seriously super long lasting and is best for gifting. Loving you guys.


Suggested Rain kissed Roses Perfume


Recommends Above & Beyond

Loved the fragrances. I m wearing it since it came and it's still alive after hours of washing hands with water!

I applied for testing and it amazed me!

Loving the experience & fragrance
Thank You!

I finally have got a place I can order my fragrances now life long without feeling guilty over money!



Reviewed Isak

I am very fascinated by your work as an Indian I just loved the way you guys are preserving and taking our special formulas to next level..

This brand has its own uniqueness



Recommends Isak

Just received this beautiful baby today and boy oh boy, saying I am obsessed would be an understatement. I am someone obsessed with the nature goddess essense kinda thing and when I saw you on Shark Tank and I got to know that there is someone out there who literally put the fragrance of first rain in a glass bottle, I lost my mind. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful beautiful thing. Loved it. And Love you.

Also the little sample of Top Of The World you sent, thanks for that too. I am ordering full size bottle. It's gonna be my everyday fragrance now. And this one in keeping for special occasions.

Keep up the good work. Lots of hugs and kisses.

Thank you



 Recommends First rain

Not sure how many of you love the unique earthy/soil smell when it rains!
I am BIIIIIIIG fan of it.
In fact when I miss the rain I pore the water on the muddy ground and start smelling!

When I heard the fragrance being recreated with a perfume on shark tank, I had goose bumps!! @sayed.suhail.mohamed secretly ordered this from @isakfragrances as a surprise!
Oh man let me tell you it's been a month and I have still NOT stopped smelling it.
We are addicted to this fragrance! And we now use the name 'First Rain' for the smell! @vidushi.v thanks for recreating this magic! In fact we loved the complementary one too!


Recommends Make your own perfume


Reviewed Isak

I'm currently using the discovery pack and first rain itar. I must tell you that I'm loving all the fragrances.
Sending you lots of love and best wishes. Waiting for new editions as well but please stick to your speciality.
More power to you girl



Recommends Isak

loved your Shark Tank's Presentation n everything abt it. I felt so touched with ur genuine concerns abt your Chachi.. who stood by you..!! I too got so emotional seing your last gestures while you were stepping out with the cheque.. May God Bless You with all the success n happiness as you deserve it all..!! More Power To You..!!

I was really touched, so I thought I should connect & write to you..



Reviewed Isak

Wanted to personally drop a message you were awesome in Shark Tank. Truly defining the new and rising Indian woman inspiration!



Reviewed Isak

You are doing an amazing job!
A true inspiration, wish you a good luck