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Gift Pack Lovers Melody

"Indulge in the symphony of love with 'Lovers Melody: 'Love Song' & 'Above & Beyond,'' a captivating gift box designed to celebrate the deep connection between couples. Inside, you'll discover two 9 ml bottles of Isak's finest fragrances, each harmonizing to create a passionate and unforgettable experience.

'Love Song' serenades your senses with its fresh and citrusy composition, akin to the vibrant notes of a love song. It embodies the exhilarating feeling of love's first chords, infusing your moments with a zest for life and the joy of togetherness.

'Above & Beyond' elevates your senses to new heights with its warm and woody embrace. This fragrance goes beyond the ordinary, symbolizing the depth and enduring nature of your love. Its earthy and woody accords create an intimate and cozy atmosphere, inviting you to transcend the ordinary and explore the extraordinary in each other.

Designed to transcend gender boundaries, 'Lovers Melody' allows both partners to envelop themselves in the harmonious melodies of love. Whether you're embarking on a romantic getaway or cherishing everyday moments, these fragrances unite your hearts and take your love to new heights.

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Lovers Gift Box
Gift Pack Lovers Melody Sale priceRs. 1,900.00