Discovery Pack Attars

Rs. 1,500.00

Explore the Royal Awadh collection Attars with the Attar Discovery Pack.

It is a sample collection of the 5 perfume oil, in 3ml roll-on bottles. It is super easy to carry the box around when traveling giving you the option to wear your perfume as per your mood each day. 

This pack includes the following attars:

  • Blooming a.m.
  • Sunshine & Me
  • Crimson Oudh
  • Aquilaria Awadhi 
  • First Rain

Enjoy the discovery. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Abhishek j
Price is doubled after shark tank episode

Price is around 650-750 but after shark tank episode it's Price is increased more than 50%.
It's too expensive for me right now so I'm out but wish you very best luck.😂

Hello, it seems there is a confusion. There are 2 discovery packs
Perfumes - ₹750
Attars - ₹1500
Hope this helps

Ganesh Nair
ISAK Discovery pack

It is one of the awesome pack i can ever have, such variant smell in each bottle.i am amazed but its very expensive to use it as agift. i would like to know , if this is brought in a lot, will the price dip.

Ameya SK

First rain didn't live up to my expectations, but I liked the remaining ones.
Also I would suggest to introduce more with citrus, wood and musk fragrance for men.

I am in love

after seen her on Shark tank show, I decided to give a chance to this home grown brand. I love all these attra fragrances.

Mannoj Tewari
Worth Buying.

Blooming a.m. - Good
Sunshine & Me - Good
Crimson Oudh - Good
Aquilaria Awadhi - Good, last long.
First Rain - Personally didn't like it.

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