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Article: The Rise of Unisex Perfumes

Unisex Perfumes

The Rise of Unisex Perfumes

These are the times when people want to follow their own preference and choices. Today, people are more aware of their choices and prefer not to be dictated by anyone. Not even by marketeers. People are more open to gender identity issues and don’t really like to be conformed to imaginary ideals of what one should wear or how one should behave. Even in fashion & lifestyle.

This has given rise to gender fluidic or unisex fragrances. Unisex perfumes have been niche market for a very long time but their popularity is on the rise now. The artificial divide between masculine & feminine perfumes has started to blur and unisex perfumes are becoming more common.

Classically, feminine perfumes were soft and had more sweet notes than masculine perfumes. And masculine perfumes were more expressive and essential. However, in recent times people have become aware that their own tastes in perfumes that need not be confined to those chosen for them. They have started to experiment with smells that the manufacturers had targeted for the opposite sex – and found that they actually liked those.

Nothing stimulates our subconscious mind more than a smell. The briefest hint of a favourite, conjures an instant recall of another time and place and conveys the most mysterious, captivating and non-tangible feelings. But women don’t always want to smell like a bouquet of flowers and men don’t always fancy the odour of leather or patchouli. We understand this and have thus created a range of 9 gender fluidic scents to choose from at ISAK Fragrances – and our ethos is that if it smells great on you – regardless of your gender – Its meant for you.

Our Discovery Pack is an easy and simple way to try all the fragrances in our range – and discover some new favourites. The 9 scents come in small vials and are nested in an attractive hessian bag to keep them in one place – the smell of that alone – even without opening the vials – is a journey of its own.

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Saw sharktank India and came here,
Sugar cosmetic definitely saw her competition with Isak perfume. :P All the best Isak perfume, make it to the international market, and keep the price according to your research, zaada cheap maat kardena keep it niche. :),
and try to reach out to the perfume influencers from India like #SMELLZONEINDIA and FOR International #JEREMYFRAGRANCE, I hope they review your perfume someday

Prince Chakraborty

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