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Article: Is fragrance addiction a thing?

Is fragrance addiction a thing?
5th & always

Is fragrance addiction a thing?

The Oxford dictionary defines "addiction" as the condition of being unable to stop using or doing something as a habit, especially something harmful. In this day and age, one thing we are all addicted to for sure is our mobile phones, aren’t we? Like addiction to a place, person, food, color, or substance is valid, fragrance addiction can be a legit thing as well. Let us see how. 

The first step towards getting hooked on anything is liking it. Let's take a song that you’re listening to repeatedly right now. At first, you liked that song. The song felt soothing and relaxing, and then, to feel this soothingness, you started listening to it again and again. In a similar way, fragrances can be something one gets hooked on. 
Crimson Oudh
Fragrances are more than just smells, they evoke all kinds of emotions, including love, power, confidence, and sensuality. Individuals become addicted to fragrance after using it frequently because of how it makes them feel. Suppose a fragrance makes you feel bold, chic, stylish, and sexy, like "5th & Always" which is an Isak perfume, you would want to use it again and again, resulting in possible addiction to the fragrance.

Our brain releases a hormone called dopamine, which is one of our brain's "feel-good" chemicals. Dopamine, in conjunction with other chemicals like serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins, plays a crucial role in how pleasant we feel by interacting with the pleasure and reward centre of our brain. The neurological explanation of fragrance addiction could be that individuals experience a higher secretion of dopamine when they use a fragrance, and thus they eventually get addicted to the fragrance. 
Dew of Life
There are certain fragrances like those of wet earth, coffee, gasoline, or glue that are addictive by nature. Those who enjoy the smell of wet earth will find our first rain attar extremely addictive. This attar, though not made for long hours, can leave you feeling mesmerised by its essence. To experience the smell of wet earth even on dry summer days or cold winter days, one can just use this attar and have an earthy olfactory experience within seconds.
It is also said that fragrance can be addictive because of the memories attached to it. You still remember the feeling of your first love song, don’t you? Whether in good or bad times, the fragrances that surround us will always transport us back in time with a whiff. Fragrance addiction could also be a result of longing to revisit the good moments long gone in the past. Perhaps you wore perfume to your job interview, which you cracked, and you've been wearing it every day since because it boosts your confidence. The addiction to this perfume would be due to its association with a successful job interview. 

An addiction to fragrance shopping and hoarding is very much possible, just as an addiction to a specific fragrance is. Trying new fragrances can be very exciting, and one can give into the excitement and impulse and buy fragrances every now and then. Individuals might like to collect different types and varieties of fragrances. Brand enthusiasts might like to try perfumes and fragrances of different brands. The fragrances may vary depending upon the concentration of perfume oil or the notes of the fragrances. Individuals who are fragrance enthusiasts and like to have options will have a diverse collection of fragrances stored with them. Otherwise, individuals want to purchase fragrances that are of a particular essence. 
Cosmic Dance
Fragrances can make you feel attractive to yourself and to others as well, and they are also a way of leaving your essence in a room, long after you’ve left it. If you get into the habit of using a particular fragrance on a regular basis, you might feel underdressed without it, thus leading to its eventual addiction.

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