Roses of India

Welcome to the majestic and fragrant landscapes that can only be in India. The land cherished by the maharajas and kings over centuries; has always had so much to offer to everyone around. The place has been revered by tourists for its fragrant and vibrant journeys and thus created unforgettable and unique memories for them.

One of those plants that have been spreading its fragrance in India since The Indus Valley Civilisation is the beautiful rose. Its one of those flowers that has been cherished both by Nurjahan and Coco Chanel. The smell of a rose is distinguishable and charming.

It’s an absolute classic, full and harmonious, fresh and floral. It possesses depth, a splendid, abiding, rich sweet fragrance that not one but each and everyone falls in love with.

India has been the home to a variety of roses like Gruss an Teplitz, Rose Edouard, Rosa damascena and Rosa moschata. They are used for a variety of purposes from garland making to cosmetics, rose-water to rose oil. They are also the basis of many rose formulations – cosmetic, medicinal and dietary.

Different kind of roses are grown and cultivated in different regions of the country. For example the Rose Edouard which is grown on a field scale in the delta of the river Cauvery in the extreme south of the country, but the cultivation of this variety extends up to the northern plains where apart from use in temples and garland making, it is used for the extraction of rose oil. Another use is its utilisation as a stock for budding roses especially for plants to be grown in pots. Out of the desert sands of Rajasthan near the holy town of Pushkar, we have large areas growing the heritage rose Gruss an Teplitz.

Gruss an Teplitz

In many areas of north India, especially where the soil is rich and the water abundant, like Pushkar in Rajasthan, and parts of Uttar Pradesh like Kannuaj and Hasayan, Rosa Damascena and Rose Edouard are grown on a commercial-scale, both for distilling rose oil and rose-water.

Rose Edouard

The oldest Indian rose and also relatively rare is the Rosa Moschata popularly known as the Musk Rose. Very close to the Musk Rose is the Himalayan Musk Rose which many people confuse to be the same.

 Himalayan Musk rose

While my love for rose remains eternal, I love to explore its varieties and unique Indian blends made out of the timeless flower.

‘Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. You’re only here for a short visit.
So don’t forget to stop and smell the rose’


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uYfAIhMPXT August 04, 2020

I adore your blog. Just wondering if you can tell me what months would you see roses flowering in Pushkar?
I hope I can get there!

Libby Cameron March 26, 2019

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