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5th & Always
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'5th & Always' is an eternal unisex perfume, that never fails to stimulate the men or women around. This romantic perfume is perfect to wear on all occasions. It suits anyone with a penchant for everything chic and stylish. The perfume takes the classic rose and imaginatively translates it into an effervescent perfume: seductive, natural and sexy.

Above & Beyond
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'Above & Beyond' is a lavish unisex perfume which is warm and embracing. With the power of Patchouli and Lavender, it draws the wearer into a sense of piquant enchantment. Adding a hint to your sensuality; Above & Beyond is royal with a definite modern edge.

Bon Bon
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Bon Bon is a charming unisex fragrance stimulated by sweet depths of chocolaty aroma, sprinkled with luscious cinnamon notes. The amalgamation of such natural rarities crafts a gentle, yet opulent fragrance, suggestive of impromptu re-union, college or family get-togethers.

Cosmic Dance
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Intrepid, contemporary, intense, 'Cosmic Dance' syndicates the secret of the future with the love of the past. This exotic unisex fragrance with the breezy nature of sweet chocolatey oudh with leather & tobacco, is perfect for weddings or parties. Glittering aesthetic, satiating & enunciating; 'Cosmic Dance' signifies the very essence of today’s ambitious and proficient men and women.

Dew of Life
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‘Dew of Life’ is the perfect feminine fragrance for the confident woman in you, specially designed for both daytime and office wear. Its long lasting rare combination of delicate flowers creates an exotic enticing bona fide experience that is sophisticatedly feminine.

Edge of Dreams
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The opening to 'Edge of Dreams' is absolutely unambiguous. A delicious amalgamation of sweet musk moisturized in Oakmoss, this unisex fragrance is an everyday wear, while simultaneously, also uplifting. The aroma of 'Edge of Dreams', only strengthens our yearning for indulgence, as the musky flavor takes on an opulent role of captivating the wearer with their intoxicating warmth.


Love Song
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'Love Song' is an enduring unisex natural fragrance of Apple & Jasmine. It is eternal, commanding and an evocative fragrance, deliberated and created for anyone who wants to time travel to another time, a golden era of blazing glamour, secret love affairs, audacious luxury, pearls and fur coats, and late nights spent swinging to the hot notes of melodious jazz

Moon of April
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Vivacious, charismatic, quirky - Sweet musk moisturised in lime. This fresh unisex perfume transcends you to a place that is contented and luminous. It's a radiantly designed fragrance, made with the charming amalgamation of sweet, floral and fruity aromas. This light perfume will never cease to turn on a hot romance when you are with your love. It is idyllic for cooler weathers and great for all night outs through the year.

Top of the World
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'Top of the World' symbolizes the energetic side of a champion. The unisex perfume exemplifies your enthusiasm, courage and power with a long lasting power of lemon melon. If you're looking for an aroma that's bright enough to layer or stirring on its own, 'Top of the World' can make a wonderful addition to your collection.

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